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natalie campbell

Oh. My. God. 145 projects???? Sweet lordie. I feel for you. I just have to grade art work. That does not require a ton of comments. Ughhhh. Good luck.

It does get easier. But man! I wish Paul were around more often. That makes it all so much harder...

I lost my voice that first week, too. Mostly from yelling "Put down the Scissors!!" Ha. no, not really. Well, really, but not for every class...


We understand! Blog when you can...The beginning of school is exhausting. I can NOT imagine having 145 students. Be good to yourself (wine, baths etc.) Happy mommy, happy kids. Also, tell Paul to stop travelling so much! ;)


Oh I feel for you darlin - I can't imagine the intensity of it all! But one day you'll find the groove, right? And I'm sure you've got great moments ahead with your students that will remind you why you love working in education.

And you know what? Working moms can do ANYTHING. They are very powerful people...


Aw, love you, friend!! Just give everyone a B. But seriously . . . I'm sorry things are so hard. Teaching is a really hard job, for sure--esp. for someone like you, who isn't going to slack off.

Do your best to get into the groove. You know your kids love you, and that you kick ass!

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