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Sarah Hanly

Fleas are still MIA!!!!!

natalie campbell

"And bathed every vine in switch liquore..."

Oh, Chaucer. How I love you. Did you know that when we went to college, Kirsten and I took a whole semester of Chaucer. And our teacher was just DREAMY. I had a bit of a crush on him. Ahhhh....

Speaking of teaching English -- when I went home, and I was going through my dad's old stuff, I found a folder in which he kept all of my old papers from high school. Man, Mrs. Martin kept us hopping! And the number of comments she would put on our papers! Damn! Did that woman have a life???? She most certainly did not have a two year old and a one year old at home! And he comments were amazing. I really don't think she should be a role model, though. That kind of response on English papers is downright freakish.

I hope that the bbq for paul went well. Glad the inlaws are helping out. How are the fleas?

Kirsten Medhurst

Just want to say helloooooo! And I hope things ease up a bit for you soon. Your schedule sounds EXHAUSTING. Happy birthday to Paul!

Than longen folke to goen on pilgrimages!


Seconding the boy thing. Seriously different and constantly a danger to themselves. And so wonderful, as boys (and men) are. :)

Happy Birthday Paul! And PJ whatever you're doing - that's a baby no-no!


Sarah, I can't believe you're blogging at 6 am! Yikes. However, I am happy that the inlaws seem to be pitching in a little bit more than usual.

I hope Paul had a terrific bday. We didn't really get to do much last October for Rick's 40th, so I'm throwing a 40th + 1 bbq this time.


Happy Birthday to Paul!

Boys are SO different. Yes. Don't sweat the potty training. Mollie was three before she really had it together.

Hang in there with the in-laws!

Whan tha April..

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